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61 Years of Konpa Direk

The Only  Creator of Compas Direct  Kompa/Konpa                                  Dirèk
Webert Sicot spent only one month in "Cojunto International" as an original band member in 1955.  When the Compas Direct was created in 1957,  Webert Sicot was  not  in "Ensemble Nemours Jean-Baptiste", and he was not even in "Ensemble Aux Calebasses".  Therefore, he can't be credited with being a founder too.


Not too may years ago, NEMOURS JN. BAPTISTE, made a great effort  to gather eight of his associates with the idea of  forming a new orchestra.

NEMOURS is not a newcomer in the field of music; his esperience in orchestral work has been long and varied.   It was his good fortune to be a member of many of the largest and best orchestras in Haiti.

A new night club the "Aux Calebasses" made a  grand opening in Port-au-Prince and NEMOURS and his new orchestra enjoyed the privilege of being the first orchestra to be engaged by this establishment.  The new orchestra was a fabulous success and took their name from the new night club, calling themselves:  "ENSEMBLE AUX CALEBASSES".  They became great favorites of the public and their fame has grown constantly ever since.

The ENSEMBLE AUX CALEBASSES was shortly known as the leading orchestra appearing in the city of Port-au-Prince.  No matter where they had occasion to play, announcement of their being engaged to perform would insure a huge turnout.

They enjoyed a prosperous tour in the United States and upon returning to Haiti, they founded their own club called the "Palladium".  It was at this time, the ENSEMBLE AUX CALEBASSES  adopted a new name for themselves:  "NEMOURS JN. BAPTISTE AND HIS ENSEMBLE".

This is not the first time the Ensemble is being heard on records.  Nevertheless, we are certain we have chosen for their selections on this new ANSONIA High-Fidelity LP the best of their repertoire; many of the selections being new and the orchestra performing as never before ___  the beutiful rhythmic dance, the Haitian Konpa, Kompa, Compas.

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                 FROM IBO RECORDS

Nemours Jean-Baptiste and his renowned Ensemble, is truly an asset to the musical art of Haiti.  It is a symbol, a landmark, in a new concept of interpreting music of Haitian origin.  In a word, it is the result of the will of the Haitians to enrich their native musical repertoire.

There is no doubt that Nemours Jean-Baptiste is a musician well qualified to be able to conceive and improve upon a new swing.  An unusually fine agile musical ability is one of the main ingredients in Nemours' formula for success.  His care in adapting his original ideas to the tastes of the public is acknowledged by their pleased attitude toward his inspirations.

Four years ago, to give new impetus to Haitian music, he created the rhythm known as "Konpa Direk".  This renovation was enthusiastically welcomed, and it brought immediate fame to Nemours Jean-Baptiste.

From its inception, this new rhythm was approved of by everyone.  Both young and old could dance to it with ease.  Its authentic styling and personality coupled with new melodies and fine arrangments bring this rhythm each day closer and closer to the forefront of popular dance music, a position, it so justly deserves.



This site is created in the loving memory of our husband, father, grandfther. Also, it is dedicated to everybody, especially to the Fans of Compas Direct, Kompa/Konpa Dirèk, Konpa, the Promoters, the Radiio Hosts, and all the Musicians who have been devoting their time, energy, and talent for the advancement of Compas Direct. ENJOY IT!

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